Delegate Connect—an Online Events Platform, Gets $10M AUD from Seed Funding

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You may have heard about online events platform Delegate Connect gets $10M AUD. And yes, this is one of the most recent funding news ever happened in the world of startup—especially startups that focuses on virtual events like one mentioned. What does the software excel in and why do investors agree to invest their money to this startup? Check out the details in this information below.

What is Delegate Connect?

When you heard about online events platform Delegate Connect gets $10M AUD, you may think that the startup is so unfamiliar. Compared to big names such as Zoom or Google Meet, Delegate Connect can be that ‘friend in the corner’ turned up for the prom night. Well, that’s exaggerating, but that’s the truth.

It’s not until this online event platform got recognized as one virtual event app that got fundings from investors. But only few people know about this company’s details. So, what is Delegate Connect?

Basically, this is a Melbourne-based company focuses in developing their virtual meeting platform. The startup was founded in 2017—pretty far from the time when the pandemic started and has been bootstrapped up to its seed round. And boom! – Just like other virtual event companies, this one got their business skyrocketed.

Several notable clients that they previously worked with Delegate Connect are the World Dental Congress, Edinburgh TV Festival, Sportsbet, and the World Library and Information Congress. With such strong client basis, it is no wonder that the investor agreed to give out fresh money for this conference platform company.

What are the Key Features of This Platform?

What makes Delegate Connect special? Isn’t it just another online conference platform like those apps? Well, there are several points that differ Delegate Connect with other apps. What are these features?

  • Delegate Connect enables logging hours that user spent to view scientific and/or educational contents. This will be great for pharmaceutical and medical sectors who attend the events, since they need to earn professional development points (CPD), including abstract submissions, and other related things to their development requirements. This said, Delegate Connect could be able to aim a specific sector although that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company closes its door for any companies outside that sector.
  • Aside from that feature, this virtual conference platform enables the users to use the app easily (the UI can be easily understood).
  • The app provides users full content restrictions through the registration portal. Not only that, but people can also register for specific sessions, themes, days, or streams.
  • The app can also help sponsors booth to see their competitor’s contents. Not only that, but certain delegates can also view only some contents when needed.

With such features to offer, it seems like the app only makes its market target specific to only several sectors, such as medicals and pharmaceuticals, international congresses, and associations. While it seems so, it turns out that the company doesn’t limit the use for only specific sectors.

And with the pandemic, it turns out that Delegate Connect will boost its sales just like other virtual meeting platforms. With such funding in hand, surely the company will evolve to provide only the best for its users.

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