LinkedIn Testing Paid Online Events: Will It be a Great Move?

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Recently, LinkedIn testing paid online events has been popular news online. As a form of social media, LinkedIn sent the nudge for all creators to bring more activity to its site. This will be beneficial for creators who make contents and events mainly on LinkedIn—since they will be able to monetize their ‘products’ after the renowned social media for professionals agreed to continue with the path.

Where Did the Plan Come From?

It is estimated that LinkedIn Events earn a gigantic surge. This is reasonable to say, given that in 2020, an event conducted in LinkedIn successfully gathered people to attend the events, said the LinkedIn spokesperson Nicoler Leverich.

As part of the company’s consistent innovation in technology, LinkedIn testing paid online events is being tested. Such decision to test is based on the revolving world of work, from once direct attendance into all-remote workforce.

Regarding this, it is actually not new, especially after the pandemic hit all countries in the late 2019. After the lockdown took place, the need of a platform where people can gather to conduct a specific event is rising—definitely as a result of the cancellation of live events. But it seems like people are enjoying it anyway, and the workforce can see that the work at home trend isn’t at all bad.

Although there are platforms who conducted a system in which the attendees pay to attend the events—directly from the app, many of them are still having it as unmature ‘plans’. It surely will occur that someday you can find an online conference platform that enables you to pay directly to the host through the app.

LinkedIn Events Key Features

LinkedIn Events was first announced in 2019, and that was only several months before the pandemic stroke. However, that time the company was only focusing their service on in-person get together. As it proceeds to get near to the pandemic, video events and online polls were then introduced. These were carried out with an objective to make the virtual events be more engaging.

What are the key features of LinkedIn Events? Not only you can organize online and offline events. With LinkedIn Events, you can do these mentioned below:

  • First, you can create an event and add details referring to the theme and the itinerary of the event. Either it is a smaller affair or simply a huge conference involving big companies, which is doable.
  • Then, you can add members to join the event that you conduct.
  • As the organizer of the event, you can manage the login details for the people who are attending the event.
  • Attendees can also share the content they obtained from LinkedIn.
  • Attendees can also engage with other attendees.

With these in mind, it seems like LinkedIn Events will make a great move toward more popularity—given that the name of LinkedIn itself has been already big. With the promise of paid online events, it surely will make online event organizers to consider LinkedIn Events as the platform to use when conducting an online (virtual) event(s).

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