130+ Pawsome Dog Puns to Make You Howl With Laughter

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Playing and cuddling with cute dog is fun and all, but do you know what’s as much as fun as those? It is to read and share hilarious dog puns to people that love these cute canine animals as much as you do. Discover various amusing dog puns phrases in this article.

Dogs have many benefits for their owners. According to a study, 80% of dog owners live healthier physically and mentally than non-dog owners. They also pay fewer visits to doctors annually, regardless of age, gender, marital status, health-related factors, and income. Even those who don’t have dog as pet, there’s a supporting study that watching dog videos can decrease anxiety and stress – which explain a lot of why puppy and cat videos are so popular on internet.

If you want to learn more about dogs, read some fun facts about them below.

  • Dog’s smell sense – Dogs have better smell sense that’s approximately thousand times more accurate than humans. It is because their noses have multiple times more of scent receptors. This is why dogs are very useful in sniffing dead bodies, explosives, drugs, bed bugs, and others.
  • Dogs can dream like you – There is a research that discovered about how the brain activity and sleep patterns of dogs are really similar to human. In addition, smaller dog breeds tend to have more dream than larger breeds.
  • Dogs possess sense of time – They can tell difference between an hour and five. Your canine pet should be able to predict their everyday activities like meals and walks if trained and conditioned to occur at similar time daily.

Whether you are trying to break the ice by sharing jokes, want to put amusing Instagram captions on your dogs’ photos, or want to cheer up a fellow dog lover, these dog puns can help. Take a look below and pick which one is your favorite.

Funniest Dog Puns for Dog Lovers

Funniest Dog Puns for Dog Lovers

The list below is put together in order to provide you with witty jokes such as dog walking puns. Not only they are hilarious, they’re also easy to tell and remember. Reading and sharing these will brighten up your day and anyone who hear them.

Anything is paw-sible when you have a dog.

Pardon my french.

When a problem comes along, you must Whippet.

Just need a cup of earl greyhound tea every day.

The Dalmatian hid from people because he didn’t want to be spotted.

My dog’s not fat. He’s just a little husky.

He’s not a bad dog. He’s just a little ruff around the edges.’

You won’t find what you need here. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

My dog’s favorite band is The Beagles.

The dog catcher liked to sing while he picked up strays, “You ain’t nothing but a pound dog.”

My dog loves poetry. Especially William Shakes-paw.

What dog does Dracula own? A blood-hound.

That dog is so beautiful. She should be on the cover of Vanity Fur.

Don’t stop retrieving. Hold on to that feline.

Have you heard about the new dog movie? It’s called Jurassic Bark.

What kind of construction are dogs best at? Roofing.

What does a dog like to eat for breakfast? Woofles.

I’m all about the pug life.

Dachshunds always nap in the shade because they don’t like being hot dogs.

Dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth – completely devoted to their dog-ma and paw.

Howl I ever live without you?

Let’s raise the woof!

People who hate dogs are re-pug-nant.

I’ll collie you later.

Please fur-give me.

I’m so fur-tunate to have you in my life

Remain paws-itive!

Quit hounding me!

I’m so paw-ssionate about dogs!

Don’t bite the hound that feeds you.

You need a new leash on life.

This place seems so fur-miliar.

I’m mutts about you!

You have the corg-key to my heart.

The dog has been going through a rough pooch lately.

You’re such a mal-tease.

Next time you take your dog out to the lake, bring a doggie paddle with you!

The newest Avenger is a dog named is labro-thor.

What does the dog eat at the movies? Pupcorn!

The dog barked all night without any paws.

The dog was so smart it majored in bark-eology.

That dog was so cold, he was a pup-sicle!

It’s raining cats and dogs. That’s fine, as long as it doesn’t reindeer.

What’s your dog’s favorite Pink Floyd album? Bark Side of the Moon.

I love walking my neighbor’s dog. It’s the leashed I can do.

Mistakes happen. No need to terrier-self up about it.

Don’t drop snacks on the floor on game day—you don’t want to end up with a wide retriever!

My dog hates the rain. He doesn’t want to step in a poodle.

My dog never stands up for herself. She just rolls over.

The dog is so popular that the pup-arazzi took its photo.

I nearly kicked my dog out. But we renegotiated the terms of his leash.

Where do dogs go after their tails fall off? The re-tail store.

Do you want to play Ulti-mutt Frisbee? Oh, fur-get it!

Help! We need a pug-boat to tow us to shore!

Today has been a bit ruff!

You better obey, or we’ll have to call the police paw-trol!

I spend all of my free time Labradoodling.

Stand up for yourself! Don’t just roll over!

My terrier’s favorite game is ulti-mutt Frisbee.

Let’s give everyone a big round of ap-paws!

The Labrador took paws-ession of the soccer ball.

I always make time to paw-nder the meaning of life.

We had to ask the Bark Ranger for directions.

Paw-don me, I didn’t mean to inter-ruff you!

Tonight we’re going to watch The God-paw-ther.

After it rained, all the poodle-bugs came out!

A dog is a woman’s best fur-riend.

I called the dog-tor and the dog-tor said, “No more corgis jumping on the bed!”

That dog has potential. He’s a diamond in the ruff.

This too can be yours, for a small monthly Dalmatian!

The evil queen has ended her reign of terrier!

Try to maintain some dog-nity!

Today has been ruff.

Puppy Puns to Share on Text and to Put on Captions

Puppy Puns to Share on Text and to Put on Captions

Look no more if you’re searching for puns about dog. This curated list contains various jokes, like New Year, Halloween and Christmas dog puns. These clever puns are perfect to put up there with an Instagram post of your adorable and cute pup photo.

I like big mutts and I cannot lie.

A dog always nose

My labrador always makes me happy after a ruff day.

My favorite dish is collar greens

Fairy Tail

You can hound me any time!

Paws for dramatic effect.

We’re having labrad-oodles of fun.

The dog’s favorite pattern is houndstooth.

My dog likes to get paw-litical.

Trust me, I’m a dog-tor.

Dalmatians hide so you don’t spot them.

The Dachsund jumped into the pool because he was a hot dog.

Four-leaf Rover

My dog had to take out student bones to get his pedigree.

You’re totally paw-some.

Do the Jitter-pug

Do you prefer ice cream or pup-cicles?

A vampire’s favorite dog is a bloodhound.

I’ll follow you until you love me, Pupa-puparazzi

Time for a manicure and paw-dicure

Pup of noodles

I love camping with my dog because she’s great at ruffing it.

I’m so fur-tunate that you’re my dog.

You’re the best dog in the world. I Shih Tzu not.

My dog’s favorite tea is Earl Greyhound

Lost and greyhound

Central Bark

Paw-ty like a dog-star

She’s a bark-eting expert.

I was late for work because I lost my corgi-s.

You’re the Pom-eranian

The chihuahua is tiny but fur-ocious.

Stop and paw-nder the meaning of life

Su-paw Star

Dog Jokes and Puns to Make You Smile

Dog Jokes and Puns to Make You Smile

Dogs are the topic that’s not entirely rare to show up when people tell jokes and stories, so it’s not weird that the internet has so many puns about them. Feel free to steal and use these jokes to tell to other people and add some little joy to their day by making them laugh.

The Dachshund had to sit in the shade because it was a hot dog.

Which dog breed do vampires have? Bloodhounds!

What did the chicken, spaniel, and maltese cross-breed say every morning? Cockerpoodledoo!

Heard about the doggo fur hire for kiddies’ parties? He is a Labracadabrador!

What is the current special at the pet store? Buy 2, get the cheapest for flea!

Who is the famous doggy boy band that sings Hotel Collie-fornia? The Beagles!

What did the one dog say to his friend, when they saw a chubby female dog in the street? I like big mutts and I cannot lie!

When you leave your girlfriend at home because the sign outside the mall says: “No dogs allowed”

You can’t go outside because it’s raining cats and dogs!

The best thera-pee is re-tail thera-pee!

Heard about the dog that was lying? He told too many tall tails!

What did Lady say to The Tramp? I am mutts about chew!

Why did the Cocker Spaniel have to sit in the shade? It was a hot dog!

What did the vet say to the dog owner? She is one sick puppy!

What do you call the dog president’s wife? The fur-st lady!

What fuel does a doggie car run on? Pet-rol!

What is a dog’s fa-fur-ite drink during Howl–a-ween? Pugkin Spice Latte’s.

What do you pack your dog’s food in? A doggie bag!

Why did the Yorkshire Terrier go to the dogtor? Her voice was a bit husky!

What did the dog say to its owner? Stop yanking my chain!

What food does a dog enjoy that lives in India? Mutt-on Curry!

What is a dog’s first love called? Puppy love!

Why did the Alsatian go to the bank? He had to de-paw-sit some money into his account.

What is the fa-fur-ite shoe brand of Kim Kardaschund? Jimmy Chews!

What do you call a dog that does excavation in the garden? A Barkeologist!

Which job title is best suited to dogs? A roofing constructor!

Why did the mongrel start a dogfight? He had a bone to pick with the neighborhood bully!

What is Lassie’s favorite meal to chow? Wait for it… Collie-flower and rice!

How do you know a good dog pun from a bad dog pun? The good ones make you bark with laughter!

What happened to the dog who gave birth on the side of the road? She was ticketed for littering!

What’s better than a spelling bee? A talking dog!

What did the dog say when he went to the dentist? “I think one of my canines is getting loose!”

What’s a dog’s favorite movie? Harry Paw-ter and the Sorcerer’s Bone!

What do you call a dog who picks a lock? A corg-key!

What’s a pup’s favorite action flick? Jurassic Bark!

What do dogs eat at the movies? Pup-eroni pizza and pup-corn!

Where do dogs go when their tail falls off? The re-tail store.

How are we doing with these dog puns? Some of them are ruff. But a few of them have pet-tential!

What did the Dalmatian say after eating dessert? “Man, that really hit the spot!”

What did the dog say to his sad friend? “Did you have a ruff day? Let me paw you a drink!”

Do you think he’s a bad dog? No, but he is a little ruff around the edges.

What’s a dog’s favorite band? The Beagles!

Why did the mongrel start a dogfight? He had a bone to pick with the neighborhood bully!

What’s a dog’s favorite activity to do in school? Lab reports!

What did the dog say to his nagging boss? I told you I’d get it done on time, quit hounding me!

What did the celebrity dog say when someone took his photo? “Sorry, no pup-arazzi please!”

There are many forms that you can find funny dog puns. Some are simple; some are smart, while some stay corny – as how puns mostly are. Regardless, they might be able to lift the mood and prompt a smile and laugh that you and other people need for the day.

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