How to Reward Workers on Employee Appreciation Day

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Since 1995, employee appreciation day has been marked on the first Friday, and even the first week or month of March by organizations around the country. Employee Appreciation Day is an excellent opportunity to increase employee engagement. While it’s important to show employees appreciation throughout the year, having a dedicated national employee appreciation day shows the staffs that they are valued, while helping to boost morale and camaraderie.

Giving awards to employees is a sign of appreciation from the company, and it aims to increase the motivation of other employees to be successful as well. With healthy competition, the work atmosphere will feel more competitive and productive. Research from Harvard Business Review reveals the companies with strong recognition programs, on average, see productivity increases by 30%, sales success increases by 37%, and the employee creativity triples.

You can reward your employees in various ways, for example give it through words, things, or actions. Here are some reward ideas for employee appreciation day.

  • Vacation – Companies can provide rewards to employees who have worked hard in the form of vacation leave. Maybe the time given for vacation leave is not too long. However, giving the time to take vacation leave can be the most pleasant and even the most memorable gift.
  • Bonuses – These are also the type of gift or reward for employee appreciation day. With the bonuses, employees can enjoy their work more and have fun using the bonus. Moreover, this will motivate them to achieve more in the future.
  • Praise – Praise can also be given in various forms of speech, such as an expression of gratitude. With praise, the employees will feel happy, so their work can be done more optimally. Therefore, expressing praise for the results of performance is a positive thing as well.

The Importance of Giving Rewards on Employee Appreciation Day

Giving reward means appreciating the performance that has been done well by employees. That’s why the companies should understand the importance of providing rewards on national employee day.

If you see your co-workers and employees around you looking lethargic and less enthusiastic at work, don’t be reprimanded immediately. Maybe what they need right now is just appreciation and respect from the company.

Giving rewards on employee day is not only to retain the employees, but also to motivate them to work even better. By giving rewards, it can encourage them to have more positive behavior and attitudes at work, which eventually will increase their productivity.

How Employee Appreciation Day Gives the Positive Impact on Employees

Anyone would be happy if everything they have done is well appreciated. In fact, when you feel happy and satisfied with what you have achieved, it can motivate you to do better because of the positive feelings you have for the company. In this case, positive feelings can also be felt within the company, namely creating a happy and appreciative work environment.

Well, giving rewards on worker appreciation day for employees who have high loyalty is something that must be done. Therefore, they can continue to improve their performance and loyalty to jointly develop the company.

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