Event Insights: Credit Where Credit is Due

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It’s interesting to see the different types of personalities and characters that we come across in our lives. I have always had a keen and curious observation, and always tried to understand the perspective different people bring on the table in our day to day interactions. Their perspectives are a conglomeration of their personalities, experiences, DNA codes and intelligence. If part of growing up is about respecting different people’s perspectives and ideologies, in a way I had grown up even when I was just a kid.

Through life, I have learned that one of the most important things we can do in our interactions with others is acknowledging their efforts whenever possible. Genuine acknowledgment pays off in a much deeper way and touches the heart of the other person.

However, sometimes, simple acknowledgment with mouth service is not enough. During this campaign that we’re having around Social Traffic, I realized that sometimes you value other people so much that you really wish to benefit their businesses or lives as much as you can. This is a feeling that cannot be faked or forced – it has to come naturally.

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