120 Fresh, Cute, and Amusing Fruit Puns Compilation That Are Berry Berry Funny

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You might not be aware yet of how hilarious fruit puns can be, so let the list in this article enlightens you. The variety of fruit products at the grocery store’s sections such as oranges, apples, and berries make the perfect source for funny fruit puns and jokes.

Fruit is an extremely popular food across the world. It is not without reason, as they are tasty, consumption ready, and are great sources for vitamins and fibers. There are also different ways you can obtain their health benefits such as in the form of sorbets, smoothies, juice, or ice cream. According to the data survey with adult respondents, over 67% of them ate fruit at any day, with consumption rate higher on women on 70.5% and men on 63.8%.

There are so many times and occasions where you may share these fruit puns. One of them is during business meeting or professional presentations. Humor works like social glue and ice breaker, even when you use cheesy or bad puns. Here are the benefits of sharing puns:

  • Enhance your social connection – It creates stronger social connection sense with your audience
  • Reduce stress – It reduces the stress level of people and make them more receptive of idea discussion
  • Bring the warmness – It warms up the beginning of online meetings
  • Calming the anger – It helps to calm anger and release endorphins during heated debates
  • Affirm your idea – It helps to make your ideas and arguments to sound more persuasive

The jokes compilation below is like a fruit salad, as it contains so many variations of puns related to this particular type of food. You may insert them into your Instagram captions, greeting cards, or during daily conversation.

If you are ready to dive into the market of puns related to fruit or to pick up the most hilarious fruit jokes from the bunch, then continue to read the list below. You will find the perfect puns about melons, berries, bananas, tomatoes, and others.

Cute Fruits Puns to Share with Other People

The best and most refreshing way to flirt, laugh, make people smile, or even to complaint in light-hearted way is by telling them these puns. Just like fruits, these puns will also provide good health benefit if they make others laugh. Read some of the best puns about fruits here in the following list.

After a hectic day at work, the melon said, “All the running around the office has sucked all the juices in me.”

The palm leaf was very excited as she had chosen a date for her friends.

As the guests were coming, the nectarine asked his daughter to plum the cushions.

The fruits made many friends durian their summer camp.

The fruits could not manage to get pear-mission for their participation in the school dance competition.

The apple had lost her pet, so her friends sat be-cider her to provide comfort.

The watermelon had a silly accident in the park and said, “I won’t come here in a melon years.”

To impress his girlfriend, the mango said, “I will go to grape length to fulfill your wishes and then get married, if we can.”

The cruise of the fruits in their journey to the Bahamas was sailing smoothie.

The fruits had organized a party, and a human was brought in but he did not enjoy the party, so some of them said, “Let that mango.”

The favorite fruit of a vampire is a neck-tarine.

The kiwi got fired from the orange juice factory as she could not concentrate enough.

The kiwi was finding a suitor for her daughter and finally found the pear-fect one.

The pineapple worked in the call center and her friends called her pineapple rings.

There were many kinds of apples in the group but the pineapple never felt like he fitted in.

The orange police officer said to the detectives in the crime scene to get to the fruit of the matter.

At their wedding, the kiwi said to her husband, “You hold the kiwi to my heart.”

The kiwi was lying to his parents even after being warned so his parents told him, “You’re plum-believable.”

The apple was advised by her mother that, if she loved someone then to never let that mango.

After taking English classes, the apple said, “Shakes-pear is my favorite poet.”

The teacher tried to stop the quarrel among the oranges, said it was not that fig of a deal.

When two fruits who love each other get married, they say “Olive you so much”.

As the lemon failed in the test, his teacher asked him not to be sad as he was doing grape in other subjects.

The apple said that he had got a tattoo out of pear-pressure.

In the treasure hunt the instructor refused to guava clue.

After the tap broke, the orange family called up a plum-ber immediately.

On their morning of the trip, the husband berry said to his wife, “Honeydew you know that olive you so much.”

With the big accident in the fruit market, the atmosphere had become very pulp-able.

The leader of the revolutionary fruits was named Che Guava.

When fruit becomes famous through their work, they are called star fruits.

The watermelon was feeling sad in his childhood home and said, “I’m feeling a little melon-cholic.”

After the fruit babies are born, they are kept in their tiny apri-cots.

The palm leaves said their favorite subject in school was history as it was full of old dates.

The guests were invited to a melon party and they were given the premium fruits to rest in the hotel.

A fruit once went to China and said he had become a mandarin.

The melon siblings were blaming each other for the broken vase and their mother said, “It takes two to mango.”

The stand up comic was so funny the fruits yelled, “These jokes are kiwing me.”

The citrusy fruits told their teacher on their farewell, “You are one in a melon.”

The plum was told that his booking was canceled at the hotel after reaching there, and he went bananas.

The fig said that this Christmas would be her first pear-formance as a singer.

The guava told his children after his return from the war, “I love you all cherry much.”

The principal of the fruit school did not mix with other fruits of the community, though was known to be a prune woman.

Honeydew you know how much I love you?

I’m feeling a little melon-choly

You two can get married but you cantaloupe

We were made for peach other

You have a peach of my heart

I ap-peach-iate your hard work

Practice what you peach

Orange you glad to see me?

Plans are set, I’ve oranged everything

You are definitely an orange-inal!

I love you berry much

It happened right before my berry eyes

Respect your elder-berries

We make a perfect pear

We are a pear-fect couple

Don’t give into pear pressure

Neither here, nor pear.

Fig is always late to school, on the day of the principal visit, he reached juiced on time.

After a meeting between the apples and oranges regarding their annual fair, the head of apples said, “It was a fruitful discussion.”

Fresh Fruit Jokes to Use on Your Social Medias

Fresh Fruit Jokes to Use on Your Social Medias

Everyone knows that fruit taste great and that they are healthy. However, not so many knows they can be used as funny joke. With some ideas and imaginations, you will get yourself some witty, silly, and cute fruit puns to impress your friends and family by delivering clever wordplay.

How do you make an apple turnover? You push it down the hill!

Why don’t robots like apples? They’re androids!

Why is it so difficult to work at an apple pie factory? They have such a high turnover rate!

What do you get when you cross apple pie with a Christmas tree? Pineapple pie!

Why did the apple pie go to the dentist! Because it needed a filling!

Last night I dreamt I was swimming in an ocean of orange lemonade, it was a Fanta-sea!

I just found out I’m colourblind… That diagnosis came completely out of the orange!

Orange is a great fruit, it’s citrically acclaimed!

How many marmalade sandwiches did Paddington Bear eat? None, he’s already stuffed!

Why do oranges do so well in school? They concentrate!

What do you call a bunch of strawberries playing instruments together? A jam session!

Why can’t you make a crumble with 3.14 blackberries? Because that would be a pie!

A lorry full of berries crashed on the motorway, it’s created a huge jam!

I went to the doctor because I had a strawberry growing out of my ear, he gave me some cream for it!

What was Prince’s favourite dessert? Raspberry sorbet!

What do you call a cat who eats lemons? A sourpuss!

What does a lemon say when it wants a hug? Give us a squeeze!

I went to the shop today to get lemons and limes but they didn’t have any. It was a fruitless trip!

Why did the lemon cross the road? He wanted to play squash!

What did the fruit say when he was surprised for his birthday? Wow… I’m s-peach-less!

What is Dracula’s favourite fruit? Neck-tarines!

Did you hear about the fruit that gave people a warm fuzzy feeling? It was a real peach!

Why were the chefs shaving peaches? Because they needed nectarines for the recipe!

What did the pitted fruit say when he got in a fight? You want a peach of me?!

What did the daddy tomato say when his child was falling behind on their walk? Ketchup!

How do you fix a broken tomato? Use tomato paste!

Why did the cantaloupe jump into the swimming pool? He wanted to be a watermelon!

What did the watermelon say to the cantaloupe? You’re one in a melon!

What do you call a snake made out of pineapple? Ananas-conda!

Clever Puns about Fruits to Tell Your Friends and Family

There is hardly anyone who dislikes good puns about food. These fruit themed jokes are guaranteed to make you giggle. Turns out, the delicious and nutritious food is able to make you chuckle as well. Read some of the best puns about fruits in the list below.

That local fruit farmer is berry competitive with his neighbors.

Chances are good that if you get a fruit basket from your psychiatrist, its gonna be shrink-wrapped.

A fruitless search is looking for a banana growing on an orange tree.

That farmer grew only fruit trees and wound up living to a ripe old age.

Teenagers who hit that house with tomatoes were caught doing a drive-by fruiting.

Even though he made excellent fruitcake, he was a slice short of a full loaf.

The fighter put an orange in his boxing glove so he could have fruit punch.

The little grapefruit couldn’t last a round in a fight because he was getting beaten to the pulp.

The giant peach was late for work because she had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

That fruitcake shop owner was one sandwich short of a picnic.

The fruit farmer was never going to be able to keep his crops this year if the country kept raisin taxes.

The citrus fruit has no trouble getting the girls to drop him a lime when he was at the clubs.

Fruit make great parents because they love their children cherry much.

Those fruit fields are where the deer and the cantaloupe play.

After the crime at the farm, the police told the farmer that they were still hunting down persimmons of interest.

When the citrus was released from prison, he asked his friends orange they glad to see him again?

The farm was crowded when the strawberries promised to give away a free jam session later in the day.

Farmer brown went to grape lengths to make sure all of his crops were the juiciest.

When the little fruit finally returned back to school, she told the teacher she was feeling just peachy.

When the family took all of the farmer’s bananas, he simply said thanks a bunch.

Mommy told her little tomato that she loved him from her head tomatoes.

It might sound a little bananas, but he found the other fruit on the farm quite appealing.

The orange had to stop racing today because he ran out of juice.

Tina learned her lesson about trying to stop grapes from having any fun, they will simply whine if you do.

The tomato started blushing because she accidentally saw the salad dressing.

The bunch of bananas decided it as time to go to the doctor because none of them were peeling good.

The farmer told his kids that if they wanted to make an apple turnover, all they had to do was push it down the hill.

The little fruit told his mother that she did a grape job raisin her.

Popeye loves his fruit because he yam what he yam.

To sell fruit to the townspeople, the farmer tried to appeal to their sense of humor.

The view from the top of the fruit farm was absolutely sub-lime.

When the fruit parents couldn’t decide which child broke the window, the father said it takes two to mango.

The cantaloupe told her so that he was certainly one in a melon.

The fruit farmer started going bananas when he realized all his fruits were missing.

The father fruit told his kids to never give into pear pressure at school.

After his parents saw his terrible report card, her papaya wouldn’t let her go to that party.

The fruit farmer could never find his produce at night because he didn’t guava clue they were partying at the night club.

The tiny strawberry was sent home for the day with a berry bad cold.

All of the little fruits around the farm knew that they need to respect their elderberries.

The little fruit excelled in school because he was good at logic and raisin.

The melon came back home early asking, honey dew you know where my car keys are?

That wishful apple farmer was always planting seeds of hope.

If you didn’t know it already, forbidden fruit can make many jams.

My insane aunt is absolutely nuts about fruit cake.

Citrus fruit juices are always getting the attention because they are in the limelight.

My attempt at selling my produce at the local market was fruitile.

Time may fly like an arrow, but fruit flies like an apple.

The reason oranges have little trouble getting dates is because they tend to be very a-peeling.

The two tropical fruits decided to have a cage match fight and go mango to mango.

When the farmer tried to produce a new line of fruit crops, his dream came to fruitition.

Look no more for laugh-inducing jokes because the ultimate fruit puns list above contains a huge collection of wordplays on the internet. Feel free to use and share them with people you want to tell them to.

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