How to Get Most out of Huge Amount of Information Generated by Virtual Events?

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Virtual events can be a year-round ongoing event that just never ends, so that we get the most out of the enormous amount of information these events produces. More specifically, physical events can be unified with the on-line world–for the advantage of those who attend the shows, as well as for the advantage of those who never do.

The prime idea is – every virtual event session should actually be a node on a network of discussion about that session’s subject. The session shouldn’t just last an hour in New York in December, and then end forever. The minute event session ends, it must come alive on the net, like a place where everybody can talk about that topic, post links to contents, etc. In turn, that online discussion should inform the session that’s actually conducted on site. Afterward, the results of that physical event session should feed back into the online discussion.

This kind of a lay out encourages on-site attendees to utilize their time on site more efficiently. Attendees can “quick look” the sessions, go over the subject, in general get a enhanced sense of which to attend live, and get more out of that particular session. And clearly, those who can’t attend however gain huge information from this type of session-based Forum.

The supreme objective is to connect these session-based topical Forums to the wealth of information generated out of virtual event: videos, slides, slidecasts, plus collateral that can be supplemented by anybody: Comments, links to blogs, white papers, and whatever anyone can imagine.

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