Germany’s 3D Software Company Rooom Launches Advanced Virtual Trade Show Platform

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In the midst of September 2021, through an official announcement, the Gerrmany’s Rooom launches virtual trade show platform. This feature is claimed by the online conference platform to provide virtual 3D experience of trade shows for organizations across the world that can be accessed through typical web browser on desktop computer or smartphone.

Announcements and Software Demonstrations Made during Rooom’s Press Conference

The wrap-up of investment publication that’s worth EUR €6 million is followed by the revelation that the Germany’s Rooom launches virtual trade show platform. The full-fledged platform that offers creation, management, and promotion of augmented, AR/VR, 2D and 3D experiences across various device gained the funding through a round led by bm-t (Beteiligungsmanagement Thueringen GmbH), a fellow Germany-based firm that focused on venture capital. It was also joined by a few Germany’s business angels.

The conference platform stated their simple mission throughout the online press events that combined Zoom and their own platform, which is to assist people to create, produce, and manage virtual environments.

Prior to the key events of the press conference, the invited reporters are joined to see virtual world that seems to combine Avatar and Westworld. Inside, there were animated pedestrians, vehicles, and birds, while the virtual company’s executives’ billboards are floating nearby.

During the session, the company also demonstrated a newly launched featured called ‘ExperienceCloud’. This online event platform software doesn’t require the users to use specialized hardware such as VR headset, and instead is accessible through ordinary web browser and devices. That being said, the company also expressed how it’s been working to develop more options for the users as well such as integrating Oculus VR headsets by Facebook.

About Rooom

Rooom is a global start-up company based in Germany that provides virtual meeting platforms without download requirement. Their service can run in simple web browsers of various devices, even without AR or VR headset. Through supported feature of WebGL which developed by Khronos Group, their users can access virtual contents, including digital rooms, 3D models, virtual events, and many more via their browser. Moreover, even though it is currently still available at beta version, the service is expanded by integrating Facebook’s Oculus support as well.

The virtual trade show platform provides self-service in which anyone can create and produce complex digital experience without prior skills or knowledge. Their 3D platform lets users to choose templates to create events and showrooms, with extensive library of objects such as exhibition booths, furniture, decoration, ads space, and many more.

Based on the official statement of the company, it has supported a wide range of events by notable users’ virtual event companies, such as Vodafone, Mars, PwC, Deutsche Telekom, Carl Zeiss AG, DHL, AWE 2021, and more. These companies use their service to provide 3D virtual or hybrid experiences and events during the Covid-19 pandemic. The virtual conference provider also stated that it has powered the IFA 2020 show that is known as one of the most impactful tech shows in Europe, with over 200,000 attendees.

For their future plans, the virtual event app developer conveyed their plan to release free and premium packages with monthly-based fees. While the free package offers standard features, the paid plans offers extra spaces, objects, customization options, and support.

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