3 Tips to Set Buffet Table to Support Your Events

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To set buffet table requires arrangement tricks so that the table looks neat and festive. Food preparation needs to be done well, especially for you who have a fairly small buffet table. Arrange dishes neatly from main to side dishes.

3 Items May Come in Handy in Setting up Buffet Tables

In preparing a buffet, you should not carelessly arrange the menu or tableware and decorate the buffet table. There are some additional items that can help you to set buffet table.

  • Dining table lamps. Decorating a buffet table can be done by using buffet table lamps set of 2. Choose lamps that match the color and theme of the room and table you use to make it more beautiful.
  • Chafing dishes. How to set a buffet table with chafing dishes is quite easy. To keep the served foods warm, chafing dishes are usually placed in the middle of the banquet table so that they are easy to reach.
  • Thin Plastic. You can set up buffet table by using table cloth. Even though you have arranged the food served neatly, sometimes guests spill a little food on the table. To avoid hard cleaning, cover the table cloth with plastic.

Different Events Mean Different Buffet Table Ideas

Each different event requires different buffet table set up ideas. For example, if your event is a wedding, then use a buffet set for a wedding that looks elegant and luxurious.

It is different if the event you are celebrating is a birthday party. How to decorate buffet table for party is quite simple. It is usually arranged in accordance with the birthday theme which tends to be cheerful and colorful.

Things You Need to Pay More Attention to

Things You Need to Pay More Attention to

Set up a buffet table by separating the main and side dishes. If you use several tables, fill the largest table with the main menu. It is recommended that you can use a separate table for dessert and drinks.

Do like this to make it easier for guests to take food as they wish without having to queue. If you only use one table, choose a long table and arrange it with various types of dishes.

When preparing food, you should first arrange dry side dishes. Meanwhile, hot food can be served when guests start arriving. How to set up a buffet table with chafing will help you to keep the food served warm.

When there are quite a number of guests present, you have to monitor whether the buffet is still large or is almost finished so it must be filled. It is better to plan the portion of the side dish with the guests present.

In addition, if you serve drinks, choose a beautiful special drink place and place it on a separate table or close to dessert. It’s better to use a disposable cup so you don’t bother to wash it.

You have to add a little decoration by using equipment according to the theme of the event. Use fresh flower decorations or various leaves in copper or brass pots to set a buffet table and brighten up the atmosphere.

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