Staffing for Events, Special Skills for the Person Doing It are Compulsory

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Employees are very valuable human resource asset for event planners. Therefore, staffing for events is one of the things that event planners must pay attention to. It’s to tidy up the structure and job desk of each person.

Staffing for events can also ensure that employees are placed according to their respective skills. Since staffing event is so important, you can’t leave it to just anyone. Leave it to your employees who really understand the management process.

Not Everyone Can Do Event Staffing

In that case, what is event staffing? Event staffing is one of the management functions related to procurement or recruitment, placement, training, and development of employees. In short, it’s the process of finding human resources to carry out event activities.

Sometimes, as event planning business owners, you find it difficult to do staffing events. You can take advantage of staffing agency for events if there is no one in your team who is able to carry out the staffing process.

Staffing for catering events is one example that is quite complex for you to handle. Arranging how to serve food to invited guests by organizing your employees requires carefulness and manners.

Staffing Process within Event Planning Business

In order for all staffing functions to run smoothly, you must carry out a continuous staffing process to maintain the fulfillment of your business needs. Details about the staffing process are as follows:

Staffing Process within Event Planning Business

  • Human Resource Planning. The first thing is to do human resource planning. It includes all activities needed to be able to fulfill and provide various types of employees and the number of employees to achieve event planning goals.
  • The next thing to do in the staffing process is recruitment. You must find or recruit potential employees with the right number and appropriate abilities to fill a position in your business. The way in which the staffing process is carried out is by posting job vacancies on job seeker sites, using outsourcing services, asking for recommendations from other employees, collaborating with educational institutions, and so on.
  • Introduction and Orientation. The next stage is an introduction or orientation which is more like a technical staffing for events. The orientation process is an activity of introducing and adjusting new employees to the new work environment.
  • Training and Development. The purpose of training and development in the staffing process is to improve the productivity and effectiveness of employee performance to achieve the work goals that have been set.
  • Job Appraisal. It is an activity or process carried out by comparing how employees complete their work with standards that have been set by your event planning business.

After you have done the five event staffing processes above until the division of each job desk has been given, you can start focusing on other things related to the event that you will manage.

The above article about how is staffing done for an event hopefully can help you to be wiser in staffing event employees. Staffing is one of the fundamental management functions determining business success, so make sure you understand it well.

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