Women in Technology Conference: More and More Common from Year to Year

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The number of women in technology conference events that are increasing from year to year further emphasizes that gender equality in tech culture is really starting to be seen. There is no longer male dominance in technology events.

Several findings regarding gender studies stated that 70% of the speakers at recent technology conference events were male. This shows that the increase in the function of women in tech conferences is indeed increasing.

The year 2023 seems to be the culmination, for now, of the involvement of the most leading women in technology conferences. This statement is based on information which is collected by Bizzabo Blog Staff.

These events will have a focus and goal to empower the women who attend the event to gain new skills, discuss current trends, establish connections between them, get valuable motivation from leaders, and many others.

Many Women in Tech Events Will Be Held In 2023

Many Women in Tech Events Will Be Held In 2023

The event in 2023 will be divided into 3 types. Here’s a brief review:

  • This first type of event often has the largest number of participants. It is normal since the participants in here can get the opportunity to build networks and connections with other participants or professionals about differences in technology.
  • Since the number of participants accommodated in this type of event is smaller than a conference, this event gives a more exclusive impression. Any summit event of Women in Tech brings together experienced, high-end executives.
  • This is the most exclusive event of the two types above because the maximum number of participants is only limited to 100 people. Activities in seminars usually focus on mentoring one participant at a time.

Take Your Time, Join One, Be an Upgraded Woman

If you are still confused about the existence of women in technology events, you can learn by visiting the EY website with the slogan “Building a better working world”. Expand your knowledge by reading hundreds of articles here.

You can also take as a good example to strengthen your intention to participate in the Woman in tech event in 2023 of EY women in technology conference which was held in 2021.

If you feel that you are ready to participate in one of the Women Tech in 2023, you should consider joining one. There are many events for you to join as in women in technology conference Houston.

At this event you can join with 1,000 women of technology leaders, pioneers, innovators, and decision makers who work in successful technology companies and leading start-ups. Connect people, share ideas and build the future through this conference.

With reliable speakers that you can use as role models, the Women in Tech event in 2023 is expected to be able to open up your development. Therefore, don’t hesitate to stay competitive by being a participant in the event.

Women in technology conference certainly want to open a connection space so that their career path will be better with a new environment and new skills. That’s why these opportunities are too good to miss.

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