Reasons Why AI Matchmaking is the Future for Events

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How AI matchmaking is Impacting the future for events – The use of Artificial Intelligence is happening in every industry, including the event industry. Today, AI has become not just a topic of relevance but a crucial topic in virtual events.

AI is bringing innovative solutions beyond our wildest imagination, changing our mode of interactions, or conducting business. The ability of Artificial Intelligence to quickly analyze and make sense of data helps us automate the manual process, which in return saves time. Advancement in AI is a breakthrough because although the process may be automated, it maintains those elements of human touch. AI can also be highly beneficial for event organizers.

We still have miles to achieve before the era of self-driving cars and virtual assistants. In the meantime, you can utilize the advancement in AI for virtual events and take full advantage of it to advance your business plans.

Powerhouses like IBM are masters in organizing virtual events with AI matchmaking as part of its intel core for collecting valuable data and creating ROI for sponsors.

How does AI matchmaking benefit events?

The biggest advantage of AI matchmaking in virtual events is time. Artificial Intelligence is designed to emulate the ways humans think and process. You learn new skills and tasks every other day and try to apply it to make other related tasks easier. Similarly, an AI-powered network will collect then process the interests and goals of all the participants in the virtual event. These data will then help in offering the best matches or giving relevant options individually to each attendee.

AI learns from the choices that the attendees at the event make and, in return, improves the relevance matches at incredible speed. Your attendees will provide their information, and based on these data within seconds, they are given the best possible matches. The automated process of speed in which AI collects data can never be achievable by man-power.

Artificial Intelligence matchmaking in virtual events saves time and helps you learn about your audience. The core of your event is to connect with your audience in the best relatable way. AI matchmaking can help you figure out how many attendees came to the event looking for employment, how many were investors, or what percentage of the attendees were potential clients.

The best way to utilize AI in virtual events

There are vast areas where AI can be of use in your virtual event by aiding your audience’s experience. AI can be used to understand the goals of each attendee present at the event and create the best suggestion for them. Suggestions can vary in terms of networking recommendations to session recommendations. But to fully utilize the power of AI matchmaking, you will require data to fuel it.

Utilizing AI with no certain or clear plan about what functions you want it to perform is equally useless as organizing an event with no specific topic or strategy. With no clear goal at hand, you will not be able to attract the target audience. Disorganization will also scatter your content all over the place, and your event will have no impact at all. But when you have a clear goal, your value proposition will be directed towards a specific audience. This, in return, will maximize the success of your event. Similarly, when you apply AI into your virtual event, it can become a powerful tool that can help solve many problems.

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