Budget-Friendly Catering Ideas for Events

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Still don’t know what kind of food to offer on your event day? Stay to read this post and get out of your doubts.

Once you have chosen the date and location for the  event, it’s time to consider how the gastronomy will be, as it will be what differentiates a spectacular event from just another  event. Don’t miss the two options that you can integrate into your event!

Nowadays, caterers and kitchens usually have everything under control, that is, the setting, furniture, lighting, music, and, of course, the food. But it is highly recommended that the bride and groom get involved as much as possible when it comes to choosing the food; you have to personalize it as much as you can.

It is very important to know what we are going to invest in a large part of our budget, so you should always opt for the best option.

That is to say, that they are seasonal products and that both the quality and the presentation are optimal. This kind of aspect tends to increase a little the price we had in mind at the beginning, but we recommend you not to skimp because with a little more budget you could achieve a great service. What options will you have?

Catering service

This is usually an external service that usually brings the dishes prepared to give the final touch on the day of the event. Unlike what you may think, it does not mean that the quality is worse, far from it.


  • Choosing catering is synonymous with freedom since you do not have to stick to a single option but you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, vegan catering.
  • Menu tasting prior to the event.

Own kitchen

The main difference between the own kitchen and catering service is that in the first one the food is prepared at the moment while the catering usually takes the dishes prepared to give only the last touch on the day of the event.

Facilities, with modern halls and at the same time decorated with taste and elegance, highlights its gastronomy. Special menus and the guarantee of having all the space exclusively to celebrate only your  event!


  • Food cooked on the spot.
  • Your guests will be able to personalize their dishes. As an example, in case you include meat or fish, you can say in which point each one wants it.
  • Logistical convenience.
  • Test menu prior to the  event.

However, these are not two closed and immovable options, as there are states that have their own kitchen or their own catering, those that lend their kitchens to the caterer or caterers that bring their own portable kitchens.

Apart from all these possibilities, the reality is that the vast majority of  event venues usually have closed menus, whether they have their own kitchen or have agreed with a caterer who works exclusively for them.

It should be mentioned that not having a kitchen on-site, or not having worked before in the place where the  event will be held need not be a problem, as long as you have specialized and experienced professionals.

The most important thing to choose between your own kitchen or catering service is, logically, the type of food you want to offer your guests on your  event day.

How to innovate?

Whatever the gastronomic format you choose, innovation can come from the food or dishes chosen, or from their staging.

Other options would be:

  • Seasonal corners: these are food stands of all kinds: cheese, sushi, vegetarian food, snacks of all kinds…
  • Show cooking: this consists of setting up stalls of different foods but the food is cooked on the spot by chefs on site. This is always very attractive at weddings/events. An extra element that helps to create an informal and fun atmosphere.
  • Food Trucks: this trend of trucks called food trucks, has been reinvented in recent years coming to the world of  events. Offering guests elaborate and quality dishes and giving special relevance to versatility.

If you like both options or you do not know which one to choose, a good idea may be to give the welcome cocktail with a catering service and the reception with your own kitchen; especially in the case of serving meat or fish, so that each guest can choose the cooking point.

If you have already chosen the catering or menu, it is essential to taste it. The food should be in accordance with the season of the  event and the type of celebration. In case there are children or guests with any intolerance, it will be necessary to take them into account in order not to have any failure on your  event day.

After the menu has been chosen, a second tasting is usually done, accompanied by family or close friends who can help you decide or give any suggestions and make any changes if necessary.

What is fundamental is to choose a safe service, be it catering or in-house kitchen. As a  event planner, I always ask for health registration, and that the activity license is for catering and event organization in the case of self-catering or catering in the rest.

If after our indications you still have doubts about the format of the gastronomy of your  event, you can contact her. Her services range from specific consultations on issues that concern you, to coordination on the same day of the  event or her comprehensive service, so that everything is perfect.

The most important thing, as we mentioned before, will be the quality of the service and the products. So, make sure you make a good choice based on these points so that you and your partner have an unforgettable day.

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