Hybrid Events Platform Brella Raises $10M in Series A Funding

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Earlier this year, Brella raises $10 million that the team obtained from the Series A funding series which was led by Connected Capital. Brella is a technology-focusing startup based in Helsinki, Finland. The company is one those companies which is currently on the stage of growth and expansion in the IT & Software as well as SAAS (Software as a Service) industries. For more information regarding this startup, make sure to read the information which will be explained below.

What is Brella?

You might wonder what kind of Brella is. You may find out on internet that the company is one startup working in making hybrid events platform. It is just similar as Zoom, Hubilo, Webex, and Socio Labs which has been recently acquired by Cisco.

The virtual events company, Brella raises $10 million on series A funding which was conducted by Connected Capital. This funding occurred in 2021 where startup companies competed to get funding from investors that come from various kinds of backgrounds.

Brella’s Background

Before the pandemic hit, Brella was just another company which focuses on offline networking software. Not only that, but the company also had an interest in creating a software which will be great when used in conducting live events.

The pandemic, which seemed to turn everything into such a chaotic condition, makes the company to turn the steer. This later steered the company to focus on developing a hybrid virtual event app. This means, the app is in the form of online conference platform. This conference platform is what many clients such as Informa, IQPC, and Questex benefit from.

With the online event platform that this company issued, you can get some new features you won’t get in other software.

What Does Brella Offer?

According to the press release, the founder of Brella, which also managed to be the CEO of the company, mentioned that Brella is not like typical virtual conference app.

Unlike the team’s competitors, Brella is mainly focusing its service on capturing the essential things live business events have. After that, the software will transform it to an insightful digital format.

Aside from that, Markus Kauppinen—the CEO of Brella—stated that there are other key features in this software which are worth-trying. The list will be mentioned as follows:

  • Community building – since the software has a focus in creating a platform for people to gather in and attend an event, Brella aims to provide a digital platform with excellent User Experience and Smart Networking powered by AI.
  • Seamlessly designed yet simple and inclusive features all in one app – not only it is light, but you will also find out that the software is beautifully designed as well.
  • Attendee grouping with provided unified analytics – not only the software is capable to provide an online platform for breakout groups, but Brella can also do what other virtual meeting platforms. This will be visible through its users’ activities analytics that you can get directly using a feature in this software.

Well, that’s the information about Brella, an online meeting platform in which has distinct, ‘fresh’ features you might not get from other virtual event companies. Just like its co-founder, Mathijs Robbens said, Brella’s approach in dealing with the needs is like a fresh air breath.

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