Lists of Cool and Interactive Event Booth Ideas to Steal From

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If you’re looking for innovative event booth ideas to prepare for upcoming trade show participation, then you don’t need to look further. Below, you’ll find a bunch of in-person and virtual booth ideas that helps your business to thrive.

A well-organized booth contributes to a better experience for the visitors. Choosing the right idea to apply for your booth can assist to deliver a more excellent way to deliver what your business has to offer.

According to research conducted by Midas promotions, 34% of surveyed exhibitors believe in creating high-quality move drives higher traffic to the displays or booth. This is significant, because based on Trade Show News Network report, 8 hours are spent by attendees to visit booths during a trade show.

Whether you want technologically advanced or fun booth ideas for events, what type of booth suits best for the participants and the event depend on various factors including the space size, the displayed items, the show location, and the configuration options.

Below are some tips to choose event booth ideas that can enhance yours:

  • Strive for a welcoming, inviting vibe. This can be done by choosing material like fabrics and woods to decorate your booth.
  • Offer small treats for the attendees. Wireless connection, charging outlets, and free water bottles are some examples of guaranteed in-demand items, but also consider incorporating fun things like event photo booth ideas.
  • Create a booth that goes beyond the brand. Featuring your products and logo interestingly is important, but don’t forget about creating connection with attendees by providing great information and experience compared to visiting your business’ website.

If you are interested in creating an elevated booth, both in terms of performance and experience, then try to make a unique exhibition. A distinctive booth from others can attract more people and increase their interests in knowing about what the business offers.

From in-person trade show to virtual conference booth ideas, discover various creative inspirations and suggestions from the following provided lists.

Event Booth Ideas to Appeal the Attendees

Boring booths on trade shows can hardly draw visitors, let alone help increasing sales. To avoid this, you’ll need to come up with fresh and exciting ideas, which unfortunately can be energy- and time-consuming.

  • Create Another World: Use Projection Mapping
  • Create a Relaxing Space: Sample Living
  • Entertain Guests: Use a Live Band
  • Deal with Limited Space and Garner Attention: Go Up
  • Go Holographic for an Element of Surprise
  • Communicate Your Message Without Distraction: Cinematic Stands
  • Use Giant Containers to Create a World Within a World
  • Create an Ideal Setting for Your Brand
  • Entice Guests to Stay: Park-like Rest Areas
  • Designate Staff Greeters

source: skift, archerytrade

The interesting in-person and virtual booth examples below can help you to find traction-gaining ideas. Choose any from the list that you think is the most suitable for your booth to make it shine and stand out amongst the other.

Engaging and Fun Booth Ideas for Events

Securing a spot in a trade show is awesome, but it is not the end of the effort to grow awareness and interest to your business. Next step is designing your booth to attract potential clients from the crowd of the show visitors.

  • Prize Wheel
  • Fishbowl Raffle
  • Sign-up Giveaway
  • Social Media Competition
  • Info Hunt
  • Check-in For The Win
  • Booth Entertainment
  • Make room for seating space
  • Visual Marketing
  • Quick, informative takeaways
  • Standout with great uniforms
  • The right amount of staff
  • Schedule Live Performances
  • Offer a Special Discount
  • Interactive Walls
  • Photo Booth
  • Mini Golf
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Encourage exploration
  • Tease new products
  • Offer limited-time experiences
  • Send some swag
  • Inflatable Bowling
  • Prize Drop Board

Throw the boring table skirts and curtain to the window. Now, with these creative and unique in-person, hybrid, or virtual trade show booth examples, you can create a display that makes people to stop and notice your business immediately.

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