Event Insights: Trigger Types And Effects

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Even in our revolving door strategies, we’re guiding the prospect through a step by step cyclical process of launching using mental triggers to help prospects make their buying decision based on impulse or need, or a combination of both.

Sometimes when you are online, you’ve already made up your mind to make the purchase and have the urgency of buying right away. This is sort of like an impulse buying decision when you are not looking for information about the product and price isn’t an issue. You want it NOW. Like if you have decided you want to go to a new city for New Years with friends who have already booked. Someone raises the concern that the whole city is booked out, that you may not be able to get accommodation.

You jump online with the intention of booking the first place you find. Your credit card is on the keyboard, price is not an issue at all, the only thing on your mind is, please God, let there be a bed. Now you may book the first bed you find without ever knowing how many other beds were available. It didn’t matter to you when in this mind set. On any other day you will have shopped around for the best deal…

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