Event Insights: Trigger Timing

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See, just like any marketing effort, your emails are messages that are going out to your prospects. When mapping out your event launch strategies, you need to plan how to build hype and anticipation until it climaxes at launch. You launch just when the curiosity has peaked.

This is analogous to movies – we’re trained to allow the tension to build within ourselves when we are watching a thriller. A thriller movie wouldn’t work if they just give away the plot in the first ten minutes. Who would want to watch it through then? Similarly, when you are building hype towards your mega launch, make sure you spread out the campaign into weeks of little swallow-able chunks of information at a time. They need to take it in and then come back for more, until you launch and their tension is released. Until they attend your event. Until they buy your products. Until they get to benefit from whatever it is that you are offering.

So this sequential timeline is one in which you slowly build their trust, give them little bites of information, get them to share their needs, give away free things or content, work on your relationship with them. Here is another great analogy to think about: try meeting a girl (or boy) and propose to her (or him) the same day. How would they react? Well, in most normal cases, I’m guessing they’d freak out and would want to stay the hell away from you. Important things require the effort of building a relationship of trust. Your launches are as important as anything else. So invest the time to plan it well…

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