Digital Platform Canapii Releases New Free Event Management Software

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On the first day of February 2021, it was revealed that Canapii launches a free event management software. The company made this feature available instantly to the worldwide market. The product allows event organizers to host maximum 75 users. Everyone can make use of this new conference platform service – from world’s leading business brands to event specialists.

The online event platform provider was established back in 2020, as Canalys subsidiary. Canalys itself was a market-leading company in field of tech analysis. The freshly provided feature will offer digital solutions and tools to shift in-person events into appealing virtual appearance, in the devastating time of the pandemic.

About Canapii and the Free Event Management Program

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is expected that the events industry will encounter recession that may not recover at least until 6 to 12 months ahead. The effect on related businesses is significant.

This is the background reason of why Canapii wants to encourage event organizers to welcome online-based events more. It provides alternative way for them to establish communities and share the knowledge. The company holds believe that after the unfortunate times of pandemic has resolved in the upcoming times, hybrid events will be the new trend, which combines in-person and virtual conference, meetings, and events.

Hybrid virtual meeting platforms deliver various benefits not only for the event organizers, but also for the attendees. There is a possible risk of being left out if they choose to refuse embracing the new alternative provided by virtual event companies.

The online conference platform provider offers distinctive and special solutions to handle virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. The company commits to present comprehensive service regardless of the scale or location. Currently, the virtual event app developer has successfully obtained more than 45,000 users and over 5,000 companies. They allow the customers to appeals their existing and potential audiences by delivering innovative features.

This event management software company also claims that their service provides the best set of features within the industry. Coupled with user-friendliness, the company already had a taste of success with various renowned brands such as HP.

Supports from Internals of Canapii

The Global Marketing Manager of the company, Elliot Jakobsen, expressed his firm believe that virtual events can benefit anyone. The industry opens to provide access to the audience and connect them with the best speakers and leaders. The key priority is to gather information, eliminate barrier, and raising the numbers of attendees.

The decision of Canapii launches a free event management software mirrors prominent brands such as Zoom, Dropbox, and Slack. By offering free basic version, the customers can try their service while getting encouraged upgrading their experiences by gaining richer functionality that’s offered by the premium version.

Rita Chaher, the Co-Founder of this company expressed her approval for free event management software decision, by stating that the world needs to appreciate small scaled events that often do not have abundance of budget. This program is set to provide opportunity for the organizers to get a shot of vitual events, and then provide the best opportunities of achieving success.

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