Event Website SEO: Words Are Everything

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Keyword research is one of the most important pillars in internet marketing and social media. Just think about how information is sourced to you when you search using Google, or how Bookmarking sites are categorized by tags.

Let’s take a step back and understand a very important concept first. Forget the jargons – these tags and keyword phrases are basically just WORDS. Why is it that some words dominate search engines, while some don’t. Some are heavily sought out and some aren’t even given the least attention. If you can understand the power of words, you will be able to effectively increase your event marketing output significantly.

Two companies offering the exact same service can have different branding impacts based on the words that they choose to describe their service. To illustrate my point, I’ll share two different ads that I recently read in a newspaper.

1- “Joe’s building & renovation services – Quick, cheap and professional! (Charging 30% less for the same efforts and spending 25% more on sales and advertising against competition like)”

2- “Hand crafted restorations – Rebuilding homes using restored, antique timbers since 1982”

Even though, both companies can be operating in the same manner in the same locality, their choice of words distinguish their business philosophies considerably.

The emphasis on words is everywhere online. Google generates 10 billion dollars a year in sales revenue from their customers bidding on words! Competitors bid prices to have their websites advertised on pages of organic search results shown to people using particular words to find solutions to their problems. This chapter is dedicated to understanding these differences.

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