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We segment our lists according to campaigns, since we have multiple campaigns running simultaneously at all times all intertwined with each other. According to basic behavioral and user studies; reader’s eyes first lands at the top left corner of a page, scanning down the left side then across to the right zigzagging back diagonally.

Opt in conversions will increase if you put your major sales point (benefit) just above the middle of the screen to the left in a prominent manner.

People who opt-in initially to listen to you, set aside their inhibitions and give you benefit of doubt. Through your initial communications with them, you have to make them feel like they made the right decision and that they should listen to you. Whatever information you share with them has to be of value- only then will your emails be worthy of their time. Once you can consistently keep positioning yourself as someone that they can trust, they will be more likely to convert into customers.

Use automated auto-responder software for list building and management. Moving customers from a prospect to a customer list can be automated if you plan your sales funnel well. The purpose of that list should be to convert customers into loyal repeated buyers of your services and eventually evangelists for your business.

This is as important for event planning as it is for sales. A sales-person’s value is often determined by how many contacts and networks he has. So, whether you plan events as a career, hobby, as part of another business or are only contemplating on building a career in it – get down and start building those lists today. They can only be built one lead at a time and are going to help a lot when the right time comes.

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