ON24’s Webinar Benchmarks Report Provides Insightful Data and Best Practices for Improving Webinar ROI

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According to new report released today by ON24, an average webcast captures 433 registrants. Moreover, registrant-to-attendee conversion rate is about 42% and attendees spend 53 minutes per webcast.

The survey of results from 2300+ webcasts supported by ON24 found that driving more attendees to their webcasts is the biggest challenge faced by companies: sending invitation Emails to database is still the most effective method to drive registrations. Additionally, promoting webinars on company website, third-party sites can be very effective at driving attendance to webinars.

The report reveals that majority of registrants sign up within a week of the event. However, it also suggests that attendance can be increased dramatically (up to 36%) by beginning promotional campaigns over seven days out. One of the key findings is that sending a final email within one day of event can boost registrations by 37%.

Unlike face-to-face events, life of the webinars can be extended by making it available on demand: on an average about 25 percent of registrants who registered before the live date, watched the archived version after the live event was over. The report also revealed that integrating webcasts directly into virtual environments is an emerging trend: about 14 percent of webinars last year were integrated into virtual environments.

In this report, ON24 has identified a number of strategies for producing successful webcasts:

Driving Attendance:

  • Begin promotions at least two weeks before the event.
  • Share social media links and allow registrants to share the event.
  • Sending same-day reminders to registrants.
  • Promoting event with partners and speakers.

Increasing Engagement:

  • Make webinar screen graphically interesting as well as tailor it according to brand, corporate ID and content.
  • Leverage interactive tools such as polls, chat, and surveys.
  • Integrate social media tools; enable attendees to share their views.
  • Provide additional resources.
  • Deliver compelling slides.

Learn more about these strategies by reading ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report

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