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The way to build perceived value is by hitting the right emotional triggers in the right audience at the right time. Throughout your launch you need to engage your audience into a conversation that represents value for them to join, you do this by serving up social proof of value with the help of your customer community and enhance this technique through the use of some other social marketing strategies. Once you sell them on the strength of value you can introduce discrete triggers like suggestions of scarcity (such as an audience member posting comments on a blog about rumors of limited tickets being released to the public.)

It takes very little to develop a sense of scarcity once the perceived value is already built. The final price of the ticket has to be less than the perceived value to push them to take immediate action. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle scarcity trigger to send an audience into a buying frenzy where all you need to do is get a ticketing page up on the internet. Or link your event page with a ticketing system. When a touch of scarcity is combined with a high perceived value you’ll get the early adopters, the effect is almost magical if those early adopters are people-movers and not just followers.

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