Helpful Tips to Improve Your Event Management Skills

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Event management does take an important role in any event industry. Having such event management skills will obviously help you to spread your wings to enter event management career. You might asking about how to improve your event management skills in order to be a professional on it. Don’t be too stress out because you can have helpful insights in improving your skills here.

First thing first, what is event management?

Event management is the process of planning, organizing, and coordinating an event to execute large scale events such as party, conference, trade show, ceremony, and other events both physically or virtually.

Then, what are essential skills to have in event management industry?

EventMB stated that 81% of people agreed that event management industry require people management and organization skills as the most essential skill for event planner to have. Followed by time management, flexibility, and passion.

Another skills you can adopt are creativity, detail-oriented, leadership, multitasking, negotiation, adaptability, strong communication, logistic management, and fast learning skills. Those skills can be your event management solutions for your event management career or your event planner jobs. Have those skills first before you dig deeper in this field.

Without any further do, let’s see some helpful tips you can adopt to improve your event management skills

Make clear objectives

The clearer objectives you have, the smoother event you’ll get. In managing an event, you have to make everything and every detail clear so that each person work in or with your event can get a well understanding. It’s recommended for you to use numbers in setting your details.

In order to reach your event goals, pay attention to details such as how many attendees you expect to come in the first hour? How many people should participate in certain session? And how many time you should advertise an event to gain more audience? Listing details with questions like that will help you to improve yourself in giving attention to details.

Learn from your experience

Experience is the best teacher. This idiom points out the idea of improving your skills by continuously involving yourself in every events you met. If you face any failure in your previous event, don’t stop there, your journey is still in progress.

Learn from your event by discussing and evaluating your and your team’s work after you finish every event. This session is so beneficial for you to share advices, suggestions, and opinions for the event in order to identify what steps you should take to make your future event better.

Each event brings different challenges and experiences that will force you to improve your skills to find solution in every problems. So keep yourself to involve in any event that will give you opportunity to learn something new.

Learn from the experts

Besides improving your event management skills by your own, you can ask for help from the experts. This action will help you to get stronger fundamental in understanding the concepts of the event management industry.

How can you start your learning?

To get a professional guide in understanding and learning event management, you can start to enrol in various event management certification such as

  • CMP: Certified Meetings Professional
  • CSEP: Certified Special Events Professional
  • CPCE: Certified Professional in Catering and Events
  • CGMP: Certified Government Meeting Professional
  • GTP: Global Travel Professional
  • CEM: Certified in Exhibition Management

Through these certification you can gain strategic event management knowledge and great event management program such as risk analysis, defining objectives, planning and budgeting, marketing, storyboarding, and many more programs. Of course it will be carried out by professionals.

Besides having your event management certification, you can enrol yourself in event management internships offered by various event management companies. To look for the best event management internships, you can visit CareerUp and Global Experiences website.

Do you know that there are various online courses to get event management degrees out there?

Yup, many universities now provide online class to support people who want to achieve bachelor degree in event management. Edith Cowan University, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, and IUBH Fernstudium are three of various universities that allow their students to get bachelor degree through online event management class.

Invest in event management software and apps

According to a survey, 75% of people use mobile event management apps and predicted to be 86% in the near future. As an event planner, you will probably kick the bucket here if you don’t keep up with the technology used in event management industry. Yes, keeping yourself up-to-date is such an obligation to improve your skill in event management.

Invest in event management software and apps

You can invest in some event management apps such as Eventbrite, Social Tables Check-In, and Magic Plan. Don’t worry, those apps don’t cost any money. You can also invest in free event management software such as, Eventleaf, and Odoo Events. Those best event management software will make everything easier.

By using event management apps, you can cope with the development of event management industry, don’t be too old school in learning event management. Besides, event management apps and software help you to understand efficient and effective ways to manage your event. Here, you can also receive feedback from your attendees that is so beneficial to improve your skills.

Listen to your audience through feedback

The key to create best event is to understand what your audience want in an event. By understanding your audience you can improve your skills in comparing your audience satisfaction and complaint in every event you held.

Feedback given by your audience is not merely written words thrown in your event. It’s such a treasury thing you have because your future event will be determined by your previous audience. How they see your event and what they feel during experiencing your event.

Feedback can help you to build and improve a better event. Therefore, you’ll know what thing you’ll do to manage your event to be the best version of it. Concerning on feedback tools in your event is a must. Use live-chat, live-polling or, chat box as the platform of your feedback

Improving event management skills is such an obligation for you if you want to be a better and professional event planner. You will gain credibility as your skills improved. Followed by improved skills you can start to get your dream event management jobs and get to know it deeper.

Tomorrow comes and goes just in a blink of an eye, so keep your eyes on the prize!

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