Multiple Conversations: Here’s what you should do!

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Once you have your lists segmented into their appropriate categories, you will be able to have multiple conversations with different sets of people at the same time. Since these conversations will be based on emails, they will be direct and personal. Through these conversations you can direct different sets of people into different stages of your sales funnel, depending on your current level of relationship with them.

In a previous chapter, I outlined the different stages of an auto-responder email campaign that you can use to communicate with your lists. Sometimes, your message can be the same with slight alterations for different market segments or readers. Auto-responder systems allow the ease of setting up those variations into separate and individual email pipelines so that each email receiver gets something relevant to him/her rather than a general one-size-fits-all email.

The more customized the messages are, the more likely the response. If you have a good call to action against each email, a significant percentage of the readers will click through. Just remember to write in a tone which resembles actual real-life conversations. Keep your email conversations natural and friendly.

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