Tips for Maintaining Continuity: How to Make Your Events Better

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As promoters, we need to stop treating events like one-time businesses. In the past, people used to plan events a year ahead and forget about it the day after launch. Things don’t happen like that anymore – we’re living in an extremely fast-paced environment today with an entirely different set of expectations. The audiences expect well-thought plans. The audiences expect us to talk to them before and after launch. The audiences expect smashing events. The audiences expect follow-up activities – like album sales, best event photo contests, etc.

These follow-up activities can be called re-launches. The sole purpose of these re-launches is to maintain continuity in the story. Since events are like conversations, you wouldn’t want the conversations to just stop mid-way, do you? You need to keep them in your lists and plan your future events around these lists. Your client lists are golden, and they are the secret to maintaining continuity in your business.

Your event sales don’t have to end at the event. If the event was a success, you can have re-launches at up-selling rates to the same active list. Let’s assume that you are already in touch with your lists. Let’s also assume that your first initial launch was a raving success. All you have to do is offer some kind of a re-launch package to your existing lists, e.g. membership package, books, videos, event portfolio. Since these customers already look up to you to deliver quality stuff, they will be willing to buy these things which puts more money in the coffers at the same time as putting your name and events on their coffee tables and living room walls.

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