What You Should Know about Workplace Bullying

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Workplace bullying is something that has been around for years. It is a very dangerous situation when an individual is bullied mercilessly in the workplace. It can affect your mental health and lead people to the verge of depression. For those who want to find out more about bullying in the workplace, you can read more about it here.

Based on recent research, more than 20% workers in the USA experienced bullying in the workplace. That’s quite a lot of numbers considering it is like 1 in 5 workers. The bullying ranges from verbal one to vicious, physical ones. You should learn about what they are, so you can avoid or act when witnessing one.

These are the examples of workplace bullying that are very common to happen all around the world. If you experience these situations or witness one, you should not stand still. You have to make a move and do something. Some of the most common bullying examples happened in workplace are:

  • Humiliation and ridicule – One of the most common workplace bullying examples is when someone or an individual is constantly humiliated and ridiculed. It destroys the mental health meticulously.
  • Intimidating behavior – The biggest characteristic of a bully is usually the intimidating behavior. This is a dangerous trait, and it does make other people feel discomfort and really oppressed.
  • Making personal insults – Personal insult is dangerous as it can drive the bully to say something improper or even racists. Any jokes or casual conversation should not contain any insults.
  • Playing pranks and practical jokes – When people are talking about what is bullying in the workplace, they will most likely to connect it with pranks and practical jokes in the office, which is 100% correct.
  • Spreading gossip or rumors – In corporate bullying, even spreading gossip or rumors, which are mostly untrue, is considered bullying. It will have bad impacts on someone they are gossiping, most of the time.

How to Deal with Bullies in the Workplace?

The key to deal with bullies is not to keep quiet. You have to fight back even though you do not have to do that very obviously. Talk to the supervisor or human resources department then ask their help to sort the things out together with you.

How to Avoid Being a Workplace Bully?

There is nothing worse than being a bully in a workplace. To avoid becoming one, you have to respect your co-workers and have decency as well as empathy. You won’t gain anything good from being a bully, and once you understand that, you won’t want to become one.

There are so many people who have been badly affected by workplace bullying, and this is why you should never ever be a bully. Respect other people, and make sure you know any action has consequences. Probably something that you say or do to other people is seen harmless on the outside, but it actually has greater impacts as what mostly happens in workplace bullying.

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