Hubilo Raises $23.5 Million in Funding to Redefine the Future of Event

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Hubilo raises $23.5 million to power virtual events with in-app conference platform features and this apparently what makes Hubilo becomes trusted by a lot of America-based big companies. Two of their features will include the real time data as well as analytics. These features are considered as something that make Hubilo stands out from the rest of online event platform, such as Zoom or YouTube.

Hubilo raises $23.5 million to power virtual events in series A round (conducted by Lightspeed Venture Partners) which was attended by the Microsoft chairman John W. Thompson, U.K.’s Balderton Capital, and other angel investors.

How Hubilo Becomes a ‘Hit’

Starting out in Ahmedabad in 2015, the startup was originally an offline event management. The company’s main product was software that housed an array of tools helping the organizers to set the event’s website. Aside from that, Hubilo made it possible for people to register and purchase tickets for the related event.

Given that the pandemic hit us all with a ban of conducting offline events, the team behind this virtual event app arranged a 20-day pivot—a ‘dizzying’ one, they said—to help people arrange online events. And it can be said that this is what saves the company from oblivion.

Shortly said, the twist won people’s heart; making the company to embark on a quick increase of revenue target in months. Even it is estimated that the company’s several months revenue is equal to its two-year target revenue after the ‘switch’. In addition, the company’s number of employees also gets impacted. The number of people joining this virtual meeting platforms company is increasing.

Hubilo Features

What makes angel investors agree to trust Hubilo as one among those cyber events platforms? Turns out it’s not only about its huge, notable customers like the United Nations, Siemens, Amazon Web Services, and Roche; but it also manages to build a versatile online conference platform. The list of Hubilo’s key features will be shown as follows:

  • Just like other kind of virtual event companies, this virtual conference platform enables you to get video live-streaming. Breakout rooms are also available in this platform.
  • As said earlier, Hubilo provides its clientele better access to engagement data within the event visitors. Numbers of logins, visitors’ activities, and participation in a video demonstration are some of the features offered by this online conference platform.
  • Why do these data become important? This kind of tracking is where it may lead to a successful prospect. Because sponsors/sales personnel will later know what kind of activities one’s better engaged in and what not. Sales personnel or sponsors will later be able to access this function from potential leads

Through the potential leads feature, stakeholders can match with the right people and get the best on their investment through an expected one-on-one conference. Furthermore, exchanging their contact information is what is highly anticipated with the use of potential leads feature you can get in this software.

To sum up, Hubilo is one of virtual events software that receives $23.5 million investment from several big names of angel investors. The investment is reasonable since the software offer something different from other relevant software—which is great in leveraging sales for business.

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