Event Insights: Going Once

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Once the conversations have started, instigating a buying frenzy isn’t difficult. When you’re sure that demand is still high and people are still talking about your event, close off the tickets temporarily. Closing off the doors to the customers in this way often creates waves in the crowds who didn’t get a chance to buy early tickets.

This wave is usually even bigger than the first wave, and is hence useful for increasing your pre-launch hype. People who purchased the tickets earlier have them on-hand, but their friends want to attend the event as well. If you’ve worked well on building excitement and perceived value up to this point, then closing the doors to ticket sales is going to increase your launch’s success.

You have something that they want. They can’t get it. They wonder whether they’ll ever be able to get it. You want them to regret not buying the tickets when they had a chance.

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