How to Create Introvert-Friendly Events Along with Virtual Experience

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How to plan introvert-friendly events – Most of the events in big companies like IBM, CISCO, and the likes are designed for extroverts, and the introverts end up feeling lonely and left-out. There is a common misconception that introverts are shy and unfriendly.

Extroverts have a natural habit of mingling with any person, while introverts find it very hard to do so, especially when it comes to companies’ events.

It is vital to make sure that events are flexible to give a positive impact and experience to all kinds of people.

How do we design experiences that attract the attention of introverts during an event? Read below to get tips, strategies, and great ideas to make your event an introvert-friendly one.

Create space

Large crowds and difficult locations are the downsides for an introvert. Provide space and breaks during an event. A designated area for meditation, designing an event-specific word hunt or crossword, and offering notepads and pens are ideas to encourage introverts to unwind and process themselves in an event.


Throughout the event, offer a clear communication. Try sending an email before the game with all the details. After that, allow for a feedback option. Give the attendees sometimes as introverts prefer to process their response rather than instantly giving their opinion.

During a virtual conference, ask questions or opinions to the introverts to help them feel that they are being listened to and heard. It is an excellent way to bring the introvert out of their comfort box.

Open environment 

Make an environment that is friendly and welcoming for the introverts. A warm smile and eye contact is the best way to make introverts comfortable. It gives them confidence and makes them feel that the event is an open environment.


Provide visual layers like images and graphics during an event. Let introverts participate in a live streaming video. Treasure hunts and giveaways are also a great way to create more interactivity and energy among the introverts.

Encourage participation

Introverts take time to process information. Provide notice about the introductions, questions and answers sessions and the topic about the event beforehand. It makes the introverts prepare themselves.

Submitting queries or statements through social media or applications is a great way to interact with an introvert. Writing is a better way of conveying information for an introvert person.


For an introvert, networking means finding space among the crowd and shakes hands or talk with a person. It is vital to make occasions or chances for introverts to share their experiences that create event networking moments.

A fun way to make an event interesting for an introvert is by making creative name tags. With circles for introverts and stars for an extrovert is an excellent way for attendees to know each other. Then, the extroverts can find their way and introduce it to the introverts.

Setting up board games, placing trivia cards on the tables, hiring event staff, creating pre-event networking, and allowing networking opportunities throughout the day are introvert-friendly networking ideas.

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