5 Ways to Leverage Virtual Events in 2022

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How to Leverage Virtual Event Design to Increase Engagement – Facebook, the biggest social media platform, offers Facebook Live that allows you to host a virtual event and directly reach a big portion of your target audience in one go.

The generation of organizing meetings and events is evolving. Many organizations are jumping onto the virtual space for holding their event programs. But by switching to this new format of organizing events, we must ensure that the audience continues engaging as they do in physical events.

Keeping your audience engaged can be challenging due to the wide number of distractions associated with online interactions. There are plenty of elements that can distract a person during an online event. To direct your audience’s attention on your content, it is imperative to keep them engaged via different means from the start of the event until the end.

How to Leverage Virtual Event Design to Increase Engagement

There are many ways to leverage virtual event design to encourage your attendees’ participation during a virtual event.

Set-up the rules of engagement

At the start of the virtual event, set some rules of engagement for your participants, to ensure that it will be a smooth event. You can provide some instructions such as:

  • Ways in which they can interact with the speaker and amongst themselves
  • Inform them on how to use the chat booths
  • Advice on when to ask questions
  • Details of contact support in case of technical issues during the event

Strategize for breaks

When planning the schedule for your virtual events, make sure that you include breaks for the participants. Create a moment of pause to allow your audience to voice-in their queries. You can strategically set a time-frame for these pauses.

Designate a moderator for the chat and tech support

Get a moderator to record the ongoing discussions and chats. This will ensure that the conversation doesn’t wander away from the main topic. You can also hire tech support to ensure solutions to any technical issues such as login issues, inability to access, or more. Partnering with a virtual events provider can ensure that your event succeeds without requiring much work from your end.

Offer virtual giveaways

Plan some exclusive gifts for people who are attending your virtual event. You could either give away some sort of discount coupons on products or online courses, eBooks, or more. Giveaways are a great gesture for engaging your audience and showing your appreciation to the attendees for making your event a success.

Invite a keynote speaker 

There will be different elements in your event that could be the reason to attract people to your virtual event. The most significant reason your audience will keep coming back to all the events you host is when you give them something worthwhile. Virtual events make it quite difficult to sell a unique experience to your audience. To make your event a worthwhile experience, you can invite some of the industry’s leading experts as the keynote speaker. By having an expert in your virtual event, you offer the audience the chance to hear professionals speak on solution-driven strategies.


When you leverage virtual event design, you fill the market gap for gatherings, meetings, and public events. This allows your audience to attend from anywhere. It also reduces the cost of hosting events, helps your business connect with a larger audience, and makes it easily accessible.

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